Our commitment is to take the complexity out of data,

so we’ll keep it simple.

We help our customers mitigate the risk of adopting new technology.

Our Customers Typically Need To:

reduce liability

control the cost of data management

secure and protect data

operate more efficiently

turn data into profit

Let's start talking about solutions.

The River Point Technology Executive Team Is Here To Serve You

River Point Technology - Executive Team
River Point Technology - Executive Team

meet the River Point Technology Team

  • Jeff Eiben Principal Owner

    “Our team likes to get creative. We consider every option to help our customers drive operational and fiscal efficiency. We’re successful when our customers can ultimately use their data to make informed business decisions.”

  • Gabe Maentz Director of Solution Architecture & Customer Delivery

    “Risk is the most common challenge our customers face, often because their IT infrastructures can’t keep pace with technology. We customize a series of solutions to protect the investment of each customer, and we make sure we provide solutions that will grow with our customer’s needs.”

  • Bruce Fisher Director of Business Development

    “We’re the eyes and ears for our customers. We’re out in the market , constantly evaluating new technologies and monitoring new threats. Our customers don’t have to be the tech experts. That’s our job.”

  • Wendi Avery Director of Virtual Sales Consultants

    “We do more than sell products. Our sales consultants rely on us for guidance, because we’ve already done the homework. We know which technology options will perform best for specific customer needs.”

risk assessments

If there’s one thing our experience has taught us, it’s to listen to our customers. We’re not into selling products – IT placebos. We want to understand exactly what your challenges are, so we can provide comprehensive solutions that allow you to do what you do best – run your business. Sometimes that begins with a risk assessment.

Data MRI is River Point Technology’s proprietary assessment tool. It’s ideal for businesses that need to take a step back and assess their entire IT infrastructure: hardware, software, storage, disaster recovery, data security, data analysis and more. If you haven’t walked through a comprehensive evaluation of your IT capabilities in the last two years, it’s likely that you’re overlooking potential cost-savings, improved efficiencies and new business opportunities. Our Data MRI Risk Assessment will help you identify and prioritize your needs. Contact us to discuss a Data MRI for your company.

Financial Risk Assessment uses historical data to assess the efficiency of your fiscal management. The results of this assessment can be used to guide internal controls for expense disbursement, inventory valuation, the approval of capital expenditures and more. Experience shows that decision makers are much better equipped to make informed fiscal decisions when they can rely on consistent and comprehensive fiscal analysis. Our Financial Needs Assessment is ideal for financial institutions and for controllers and CFO’s in other industries. Contact us to initiate a Financial Risk Assessment.

Cloud Readiness Assessment evaluates your existing infrastructure, your technical requirements and your business culture. By understanding these factors, we can help you determine whether your core day-to-day operations could benefit from increased cloud reliance. Contact us to see if a shift from hardware to cloud might be in your future.

Customized Risk Assessments: If these structured assessment tools don’t match your needs, we’ll talk to you about other ways to evaluate and prioritize strategic IT decisions specific to your business. Contact us about a customized risk assessment.

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Let's discuss whether an assessment is a good first step for you.

it solutions

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all strategy. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of next-generation IT solutions. Our integrated approach honors your business culture, your budget constraints and your business objectives.

Our service promise: Develop a relationship of trust,

add value to your business and ensure that every

solution aligns with a strategy of risk mitigation.

First, we’ll look for:
  • gaps that place you at risk for data loss or security breaches
  • operational and fiscal inefficiencies
  • overlooked business opportunities
So we can help you:
  • maximize your existing infrastructure
  • increase efficiency
  • mitigate risk
  • capitalize on business opportunities
  • minimize business disruptions
    become more competitive