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River Point Technology has the Big Data solutions you need.

Big Data is the future of business, but optimizing your technology and IT infrastructure can be a challenge. By maximizing the tools you have in place and supplementing them as needed, River Point Technology will deliver best-in-breed solutions and transform your data into a prized business resource.

risk management

Is your data bringing you opportunity or risk? Knowing the difference can make a big impact on your bottom line.

Manage Data

Decentralized storage and inadequate processes are a company’s worst enemies.

Data Security

Without a sound risk management strategy, your data is not safe from loss or breaches.

case studies

Countering the risk to business sustainability requires a sound IT infrastructure and a robust data management plan. See how three companies improved their business decisions by implementing a sound data strategy.

Cut through the lingo

New tech terms keep popping up to describe what’s happening in technology. Each of those advances could be important to your business strategy, but keeping up with the lingo can be a real challenge.

At River Point Technology, our job is to take the complexity out of data management, so we’ve selected a few terms to help you cut through the lingo.

Internet of Things (IoT) IoT is the premise that virtually everything will one day be connected to the Internet. For your business, this means more and more data to manage.
Cloud Computing Cloud Computing works a little bit like electricity. You have access to all that you need without the cost or hassle of maintaining an internal infrastructure.
Data Breaches Data Breaches occur when an unauthorized person gains access to confidential information. Breaches pose significant liability for your business in terms of cost, reputation and business sustainability.
Data Explosion Data Explosion refers to the rapid increase in data and the potential information overload that could hinder your business operations.
Data 360° Data 360° is more than point-in-time, rearview mirror information. It gives you real-time information that allows predictive analysis and better decision-making.
Evergreen Storage Evergreen Storage is "forever storage" that grows with your company's needs. For your business, this translates into cost savings, efficiency and no downtime.
Disruptive Innovation Disruptive Innovation refers to the adoption of new technologies. Companies that do so have an opportunity to create new, more efficient and competitive processes. Companies that do not keep pace are more likely to be displaced by new market leaders.

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